Mother's Day Gift Guide featuring OPTY.NC's Hero Skin Elixir

Mother's Day Gift Guide featuring OPTY.NC's Hero Skin Elixir




Forget the obvious cookbooks. Let Mum know you’ve put real thought into your gift-giving this Mother’s Day. From hobbies to houseplants, beauty products to bedding, glorious drinks to clever gardening, we’ve got all bases covered in this here guide. daily dose of wellness featured in cream mother's day gift guide 2022
ultimate skin elixir featured in cream gift guide 2022


↑ WHAT: Opty.NC Ultimate 1.0 Skin Food Elixir. DESCRIPTION: This magical elixir is a complete skin food supporting collagen formation, skin and immune system function, and gut health all in one. Each premium natural ingredient is meticulously sourced from across the globe and incorporated in proven dosages to create this unique four-in-one product. Contains live biotic cultures, botanically sourced antioxidants and a whopping 10,000mg of marine collagen peptides which work together to help support collagen formation and skin and gut health. In fact, a 28-day supply of Ultimate 1.0 Skin Food Elixir can lay your foundation for vibrant, radiant skin as well as complete gut health with one simple, great-tasting daily dose.


Simply add two scoops (using the handy Opty.NC wooden scoop provided) to 300ml of water, stir, and bottoms up! Essential nutrients include biotin, niacin, riboflavin and vitamin A, while there’s also a good dose of grapeseed extract to help protect skin cells from oxidative stress, and the most delicious strawberry aftertaste!


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