Everything you've ever wanted to know about collagen

Everything you've ever wanted to know about collagen
The Wayward beauty editor Sarah Tarca interviews OPTY.NC co-founder Cate Lilja to uncover all you'll ever need to know about collagen and why ingesting it on a daily basis leads to healthy, glowing skin.



The Wayward feature on OPTY.NC collagen


Maybe it’s our age, maybe it’s Google listening to our whining about wrinkles, but lately it seems collagen – and more specifically collagen drinks – are getting a lot of airtime on our feeds (and admittedly, our 3am net searches). It’s not just that there seems to be endless choices on the market (which there are), or even that you’re not exactly sure if they work (which they do), or what the difference between them all is (many) but more that even the topic of collagen itself is baffling.

Discussing this in one of my many WhatsApp groups recently, it turns out I wasn’t the only one with many questions. Everyone was feeling the same way. So we turned to someone who specialises in this stuff to help us wade through them all. Not just any ols someone either. Cate Lilja is a Nutritional, herbal, and complementary medicine scientist, and also the Co-Founder of Optima Nutricometics, who’s ingestible beauty supplement Skin Food Elixir has the highest serve of collagen on the market (which is our personal fave AND you can get 20% off by using the code Wayward [case sensitive] at the checkout).

But this article isn’t about our personal bias. It’s about sorting what you need to know from the marketing BS. May the plump skin Gods be ever in your favour.


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