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By partnering with OPTY.NC, you can enhance your offerings with science-backed, multi-benefit, and effective ingestible beauty wellness solutions. Our tailored products seamlessly complement topicals and aesthetic treatments, providing a comprehensive 360-degree approach to skin health.

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For skin clinics, medical spas, or esthetician-led businesses in Australia and New Zealand, our products are distributed by InSkin Cosmedics and Probeauty, respectively. You can register with our partners directly: 

InSkin Cosmedics: Registration Link

Probeauty: Registration Link

The OPTY Difference

  • + Holistic approach: Offer a comprehensive approach to skincare and wellness with our proprietary blends targeting gut health, skin vitality, immune support, and nervous system balance, appealing to customers seeking holistic solutions.

    + Tailored solutions: Cater to diverse customer needs with our age-specific and stage-of-life tailored products, providing personalized solutions that address unique skin and wellness concerns at every age.

    + Multi-correctional benefits: Maximize customer satisfaction with our multi-functional products designed to address inner and outer health simultaneously, simplifying routines and delivering visible results.

  • + Premium practitioner-grade products: Elevate your product offerings with our premium, natural and nutrient dense skincare solutions, setting your store apart and attracting discerning customers seeking the highest quality.

    + Results-driven formulations: Drive sales with our proven track record of delivering tangible results, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business through products that consistently perform.

    + Clinically trialed ingredients: Provide peace of mind to your customers with our products featuring clinically tested ingredients at effective dosages, backed by scientific evidence for their efficacy and safety.

Award-Winning Products

Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards 2024:

+ Best Product Skin Health (Ultimate 2.0 Marine)

+ Best Beauty Drink (Ultimate 2.0 Vegan)

+ Best Fermented Product (Dermal Restore)

+ Best Probiotic Oral Drops (Dermal Restore + Moisture Surge)

+ Best Probiotic Product to Optimise Skin + Gut Health (Dermal Clarify)

+ Editor’s Choice Winners (Cellular Renew + Collagen Renew)

Spa & Wellness Awards 2023:

+ Best Internal Beauty Product (Ultimate 2.0 Marine)

Clean + Conscious Awards 2023-2022:

+ Best in Vegan - Bronze Placement (Ultimate 2.0 Vegan)

+ Best in Collagen - Bronze Placement (Ultimate)

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