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Prime. Balance. Boost

Gut + Skin Reset Protocol

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A comprehensive protocol including three targeted OPTY.NC products to prime and replenish your gut, and balance and boost your skin & body, and an eBook to guide you towards optimal, complete wellness that you can both see and feel.

The reset includes:

+ Cellular Renew 115 g - Skin, Gut Hair and Nail Multi
+ Collagen Renew 180 g - Collagen and Hyaluronan Booster
+ Dermal Restore 50 mL - Stressed Skin Booster 
+ eBook Guide for lifestyle and nutrition guidelines with over 30 skin and gut-boosting recipes   
+ OPTY.NC x SoL Mini Bottle

Our second LIVE 28-Day Challenge kicks off on JULY 1, 2024. This reset is ideal for those wanting to kickstart their journey to complete gut and skin wellness or for those needing a mid-year detox to recalibrate and refresh their current OPTY wellness routine.

Our instagram and newsletter will be your source of wealth, featuring wellness experts, self-care tips and health guides, plus daily posts of our team and others participating alongside you in the journey to prime, balance and boost our body, gut and skin from the inside out.  

Total Value $285 with 28-day supply  -  Limited time 30% off $199

What's inside?

+ Cellular Renew 115 g - Skin, Gut, Hair and Nail Multi

Optimal skin and body nourishment to restore depleted bodies to their healthiest state with a comprehensive wholefood blend that rejuvenates skin, gut, hair, and nails from the inside out.

This supercharged multi is formulated with a potent blend of vital nutrients, bio-available vitamins, and minerals to address the essential building blocks to inner/outer health from the cellular level.

+ Collagen Renew 180 g - Collagen and Hyaluronan Booster

Total dermal support with marine collagen benefits, re-imagined with gut health support, specially formulated for preventing and correcting signs of skin aging.

Formulated as a complete skin support complex essential to firmer, plumper, and smoother skin, with added gut health nutrients working synergistically with collagen.

+ Dermal Restore 50 mL - Ingestible Probiotic Stressed Skin Serum

A stressed skin booster that revives and replenishes disrupted skin for a resilient and healthy complexion, formulated for reactive or sensitive skin.

This ingestible probiotic serum utilises key ingredients of Fermented Papaya, Curcumin and Gotu Kola Blend, Vitamin C and Zinc to synergistically optimise digestive, immune, and nervous system function to repair the skin from within.

+ Gut + Skin Wellness eBook

Our eBook unlocks the secrets to nourishing your skin from the inside out. Packed with easy-to-follow nutritional and lifestyle tips, this guide empowers you to cultivate healthy habits that promote long-term gut and skin health.

What it will do for you

There are myriad benefits to completing the protocol for your overall health. Boosted energy, radiant skin and a happy health gut are just a few!...

Optimise skin heath:
+ Restore dewey, hydrated plump skin
+ Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
+ Improve skin elasticity, tone and texture
+ Promote skin clarity and healthy complexion

Regain digestive balance:
+ Relieve bloating gas and indigestion
+ Sooth digestive discomfort
+ Support liver health and body detoxification pathways
+ Support healthy diverse microbiome

Whole body benefits:
+ Boost energy and mental concentration
+ Promote muscle and joint health
+ Restore shine and build strong healthy hair and nails
+ Build healthy habits for long term gut health and radiant skin
+ Boost immune health and protection
+ Support healthy hormone balance

Who it benefits

The Gut + Skin Reset Protocol can help those looking to kickstart their journey to complete gut and skin wellness.

It can also benefit those experiencing symptoms of poor gut or overall health, such as:

1. Signs of sluggish digestive function and poor microbiome balance
- Indigestion, feeling overly full or heaviness after meals, bloating, distention, gas, pain or griping
- Intermittent / inconsistent bowel motions – prone to constipation, or moving from constipation to diarrhoea with changing stool form or colour
- Allergies or sensitivities

2. Lacklustre skin, hair, nails
- Dull complexion and uneven skin tone
- Prone to breakouts or increased congestion
- Dry, rough or dehydrated skin
- Red, irritable skin, prone to itching, cracking or sensitivity
- Signs of ageing, appearance of fine lines, loss of elasticity, sagging and poor hydration
- Weak or dull hair and nails, prone to breaking or splitting

3. Signs of depleted health
- Low energy, motivation or mood
- Brain fog, poor concentration
- Depleted immune function, prone to cold and flu

How it works

Combined to strike the perfect synergy to restore depleted health and kick-start your journey to optimal skin and gut wellness.

Borne from the idea that chronic skin concerns stem from depleted gut health, we address this from the cellular level – supporting the elimination of toxin stores in cells, and replenishing fundamental vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, whilst restoring the gut microbiome baseline.

    Cellular Renew full ingredient & nutrition information Dermal Restore full ingredient and nutrition information Collagen Renew full ingredient and nutrition information
    gut + skin reset protocol OPTY.NC Cellular Renew Multi OPTY.NC Collagen Renew Powder Elixir OPTY.NC Dermal Restore Ingestible Serum


    Highest Quality, Nutrient Dense


    Proprietary Blends


    Addressing the Root Cause


    Ingredients & Results


    – a powerful combination of 3 targeted products, eBook guide and bottle –

    • Cellular Renew provides essential nutrients that enhance skin structure, collagen formation, and whole body wellness.

      One daily serve helps to:

      + Rejuvenate dermal and cellular functions

      + Supports digestive, immune, and nervous systems

      + Support the gut microbiome

    • Dermal Restore is a tailored blend of skin repairers designed to target stressed, reactive, or sensitive skin on the face or body.

      One daily serve helps to:

      + Support and repair itchy or cracked skin

      + Soothe red and inflamed skin

      + Support digestive, immune and nervous systems

    • Collagen Renew offers complete dermal and gut health support, for increased collagen production, enhanced skin elasticity, tone, and hydration.

      One daily serve helps to:

      + Increase and stimulate collagen production

      + Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

      + Enhance skin elasticity, tone, and hydration

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    • GUIDE


      45-page downloadable eBook packed with easy-to-follow lifestyle and nutrition guidelines, daily planner, and over 30 skin and gut boosting recipes.



      Our reset guide includes proven techniques to empower you to cultivate healthy habits that promote long-term gut and skin health.

    • BOTTLE


      OPTY x SoL Mini Glass Bottle is the perfect on-the-go companion to enjoy your favorite beverage and targeted reset products. Holds 410mL.

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    • Is the reset for me?

    • How it works?

    • What results to expect?

    • Gut + Skin Reset Protocol

    If you are experiencing 3 or more of these symptoms, the reset is for you!

    + Bloating or wind

    + Indigestion or reflux
    + Dry or dehydrated skin
    + Prone to breakouts or skin congestion
    + Sensitive or irritated skin
    + Weak nail and dull hair
    + Tiredness and fatigue
    + Energy dips throughout the day
    + Brain fog and poor concentration

    Our 28 day gut + skin reset protocol is a comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing depleted or irritated gut, body and skin. The protocol is designed to work from a cellular level, supporting the elimination of toxin stores in cells, while replenishing fundamental vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.


    The protocol includes the daily use of three targeted OPTY.NC products in conjunction with healthy nutritional and lifestyle tips, and 30 skin and gut boosting recipes. 


    By following this protocol, you can expect to see improvements in your gut and skin health. Whether you're dealing with issues like bloating, acne, or eczema, the 28 Day Gut + Skin Reset can help you get on track to feeling and looking your best.

    The 28-day gut and skin reset is an excellent way to transform your overall health, and offers a myriad of benefits that will:


    + IMPROVE energy levels, skin health, hair strength, nail growth, immune health, hormone balance, and digestive function


    + RESTORE gut microbiome's natural balance and rebuild healthy habits to maintain radiant skin and long-term gut health


    By incorporating your daily doses of OPTY and taking inspiration from the daily guides, you can unlock numerous benefits that will enhance your overall health and leave you feeling fantastic.

    This comprehensive protocol includes:


    + Cellular Renew - Skin, Gut Hair and Nail Multi

    + Collagen Renew - Collagen and Hyaluronan Booster

    + Dermal Restore - Ingestible Probiotic Stressed Skin Serum

    + eBook Guide for lifestyle and nutrition guidelines and over 30 skin and gut boosting recipes   

    + OPTY.NC x SoL Mini Bottle

    Gut + Skin Reset Protocol


    Every body is different and we all respond to supplements, nutritional changes and lifestyle changes differently. That's why, depending on our current skin and gut health, the time to see and feel benefits will vary from person to person. Here is an overview of what you can expect over the course of the 28-day protocol:


    Who is the reset recommended for?

    The protocol can help those experiencing indicators of poor gut and overall health, or those looking to simply kickstart a new wellness regime!

    Some signs you might need to reset include:

    + Signs of sluggish digestive function and poor microbiome balance - indigestion, bloating, gas, pain or griping, intermittent / inconsistent bowel movements, allergies, or sensitivities

    + Lacklustre skin, hair, nails - dull complexion and uneven skin tone, prone to breakouts or increased congestion, dry, rough or dehydrated skin, irritable or sensitive skin, hair and nails prone to breaking or splitting

    + Signs of depleted health - low energy, motivation or mood, brain fog, poor concentration, depleted immune function, prone to cold and flu

    We don’t recommend the protocol for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or under 18 years of age.

    How should I prepare for the reset?

    At times, it can be difficult to stick to nutritional and lifestyle change, especially if you experience unpleasant symptoms as your microbiome adjusts. To keep motivated it can be helpful to track your progress with a couple of simple steps:

    Take photos of yourself before you start the Gut + Skin Reset. Then, take photos each week at the same time. You can compare these as you move through week to week, or at the end of the Reset compare the four sets.

    Keep a symptom diary. This can be as simple as jotting down how you feel after each meal, how well you slept, or your energy highs and lows throughout the day. Compare these week to week to see improvements.

    Complete the Gut + Skin Health Questionnaire at the end of your eBook and record your score. Repeat this at the end of the Reset and compare your scores - its a great way to track progress!

    Will I experience any side effects from the protocol?

    The OPTY.NC Gut + Skin Reset is undoubtedly a great way to boost your health and wellness, but as with any cleanse program, there may be a few bumps along the way. You may experience some unpleasant side effects such as changes to your bowel habits, mild headaches, brain fog or skin purging breakouts. Keep in mind that this is all part of the process and with a little bit of patience, they'll be a thing of the past before you know it.

    If you had significant gut inflammation or dysbiosis before the reset, changing your diet by increasing fibre, reducing processed foods, and improving digestive function can cause overgrown populations of bad bacteria and fungi to die. As they die they can release inflammatory metabolites that can result in feelings of fatigue, brain fog and nausea, even loose stools. This is called a ‘die-off reaction’ and will pass in 3-4 days.

    Continue your supplements and dietary changes, ensuring you stay hydrated and allow yourself to rest. If symptoms persist or you experience any uncomfortable symptoms that are not associated with die-off, you can contact us at or speak with your healthcare professional.

    How can I maintain my optimal gut and skin healthy after the protocol?

    The Foundation range is the all encompassing next step after your skin progresses from The Gut + Skin Reset. With the baseline restored, your skin is ready to receive the benefits from the inside, out. The range was developed to meet the needs of different ages and stages in life, each product functions as the crucial base of your skincare routine – by optimising the synergistic body systems that work together to support good cellular turnover and enhance complete skin health.

    Whether you’re applying topicals, treatments or simply celebrating a glowing bare face, your inner health is the underlying constant. A daily dose keeps your skin healthy from the inside, and you feeling the best you’ve ever felt.

    How often can I repeat the protocol?

    The Gut + Skin Reset is designed to prime, balance and boost your skin, gut and body.

    You can repeat the protocol whenever you need a reboot - be it after a holiday where you may have over indulged, preparing for a holiday where you want to feel your best, or simply if you feel you need to reignite your healthy habits!