Meet the Wellness Game Changers

Meet the Wellness Game Changers

OPTY.NC co-founders Karissa Mather and Cate Lilja were selected as wellness industry game changers by Body+Soul Australia as part of a woman in the wellness industry series and in celebration of International Women's Day 2020.

Meet body+soul's wellness game changers for 2020

body+soul wellness game changes

This is what female empowerment looks like.

These trailblazing women are innovating and disrupting the world of wellbeing. To mark International Women’s Day, we reveal the stories behind their success. 

Any way you look at it, self-care is big business. The wellness industry is considered one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, with the most recent Global Wellness Institute figures putting its value at about $6.8 trillion. But the new breed of Aussie ‘wellnesspreneurs’ are motivated by much more than a healthy bottom line.

body+soul game changer co-founders


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