The Next Frontier of Ingestible Beauty

The Next Frontier of Ingestible Beauty

The beauty industry has long embraced personalized products for skincare and cosmetic products to address the specific needs of their consumers. However, this level of personalization has been lacking in nutricosmetic - dietary or functional food supplements taken orally to provide beauty benefits - until now.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all collagen and hello to tailored ingestible beauty wellness supplements, a revolutionary movement in the nutricosmetic and skincare industry. OPTY.NC is leading the way in this innovative approach to holistic skincare. Discover how we are rewriting the rules and providing a fresh perspective on beauty from the inside out.


The Evolution of Beauty and Wellness: A Personal Touch

The beauty industry has always been a realm of celebrating individuality and enhancing our unique natural features. From personalized skincare routines that cater to specific skin types to makeup shades that complement our undertones, the industry has evolved to address each person's distinctive needs. However, it's still a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to ingestible beauty supplements.


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Pioneers of Personalised Ingestibles

At OPTY.NC, our team of visionary women, is at the forefront of the nutricosmetic industry. We proudly offer first-of-its-kind tailored ingestible solutions that specifically target age-related concerns and individual life stages. Meticulous research and customer feedback showed that concerns and preferences regarding skin and internal health significantly varied across age groups. With these findings, we reformulated our original hero product to address a range of needs, from skin concerns to overall wellness, incorporating essential ingredients and meeting educational requests for these different stages of life and age ranges. Our commitment to using clinically proven dosages and synergistic formulations means that our Ultimate products are personalized and scientifically supported for optimal effectiveness.


Redefining Beauty from Within 

OPTY. NC's Foundation Range of Ultimate Beauty and Wellness Elixirs is the cornerstone of this transformation. It's all about recognizing that skin care is not one size fits all, and neither should your ingestible skin health products.

This range caters to different ages and stages in life, understanding that our beauty and wellness needs change over time. Whether you're in your youthful prime or embracing the wisdom of age, there's an elixir designed just for you.

Each product is the crucial base of your skincare routine – optimising the synergistic body systems that support good cellular turnover and enhance complete skin health. Whether applying topicals and treatments or simply celebrating a glowing, bare face, your inner health is the underlying constant.

A daily dose keeps your skin healthy from the inside, and you feeling the best you've ever felt.

OPTY.NC Ultimate Elixirs


Meet the Ultimate Elixirs 

When it comes to maintaining skin health, individuals aged 18-28 prioritize various aspects. These include removing impurities and dead skin cells that cause dullness and breakouts, brightening the complexion, ensuring hydration, restoring the skin's pH balance, and boosting its protective barrier. Moreover, they seek ingredients that aid in absorbing active components and desire targeted and gentle acne treatment. For overall wellness, this age group places a significant emphasis on balance. They prioritize and manage sleep as well as mental health, specifically stress, anxiety, and depression. Stress is also a significant concern, with nearly half of them treating or preventing anxiety and stress, ranking it second only to skin problems and colds/flu and ahead of weight issues.

The Ultimate 1.0: Crafted for the vibrant 18-30-year-olds and those with active, social lifestyles. This vegan adaptogenic and botanical blend offers a range of benefits, from skin clarity and brightening to stress and mood support, as well as digestive aid and debloating properties.

Ultimate 1.0 for 18-30 year old


Research of individuals aged 28-39 shed light on their gut, skin, and overall wellness concerns. Concerning the gut, they focus on digestive detoxing, gut debloating, and gut balance. As for the skin, their priorities include depuffing caused by diet or stress and the desire for a plumping effect resembling injectables. They also seek skin hydration, glowing skin, improved skin clarity, resetting of the skin's pH, minimization of breakouts, protection against oxidative stress and UV damage, preventive anti-aging measures like Botox, stronger nails, and thicker hair. In terms of wellness, the focus remains on balance. It includes consuming immunity-boosting foods and supplements, following flexitarian diets and using plant-based products, finding solutions for better sleep and mental health, and disease prevention.

Individuals in the Gen X or 40-55 age group's concerns shift to address skin aging and the demands of their lifestyles. When it comes to skin, they aim to address deeper fine lines, target uneven or dull skin tones, boost hydration and glow, incorporate preventive aging solutions, stimulate collagen production, and address specific issues like adult acne, dark spots, pigmentation, and perimenopausal skin conditions. Their approach to skincare involves using streamlined products that target specific needs and deliver noticeable results.

The Ultimate 2.0: Tailored for those aged 30-50 or leading dynamic and demanding lives. This elixir offers two options - one with marine collagen peptides and another with a vegan collagen alternative. It supports elevated skin and inner wellness, including skin hydration, UV protection, collagen production, age prevention, and enhancing gut health and immune defense. 

Ultimate 2.0 for 30-50 year old


Consumer shopping trends show that individuals aged 55 and above seek products formulated for mature and sensitive skin, offering added SPF and skin-nourishing vitamins to reverse skin aging. They also prioritize products that provide moisturizing and hydrating properties for dry skin. In terms of hair care, their focus is on maintaining a healthy appearance, including scalp health, preventing hair loss, and achieving hydration and volume.

The Ultimate 3.0: For the 50+ individuals or those leading active-at-any-age lifestyles, the Advanced Collagen blend, Ultimate 3.0, is the key to advanced skin and inner wellness. It focuses on improved skin texture, elasticity, and hydration for mature skin, hair vitality, healthy cognitive function, hormonal balance, and muscle and joint protection.
Ultimate 3.0 for 50+


Seamless Integration into Daily Routine

The Foundation Range Ultimate elixirs seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. They can be added to your morning water, post-workout smoothie, or any beverage of your choice, making it a convenient way to maintain healthy skin from within. What's more, these elixirs are free from artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners, emphasizing their natural and safe approach to skin health and overall well-being.


Empowering Your Unique Beauty and Wellness Journey

OPTY.NC's personalized ingestible supplements redefine beauty and empower individuals to take control of their unique beauty and wellness journey. By providing personalized, age-specific solutions that cater to individual needs, we're rewriting the skincare and nutricosmetic industry rules.

The future of beauty isn't just skin-deep; it's a holistic approach that celebrates individuality and places well-being at the forefront. With our innovative approach to personalized ingestible beauty supplements, we can all look forward to a brighter, more radiant, healthier future.

To learn more about our Foundation Range, click here.

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