Why Our Ingredient Selection is Key to Our Product Success

Why Our Ingredient Selection is Key to Our Product Success

Pure, Potent, Proven Ingredients

When it comes to wellness products, choosing the right ingredients is crucial. At OPTY.NC, we understand this better than anyone. Our collective knowledge and experience in the wellness industry has taught us the significance of ingredient selection in the efficacy and success of a product. That’s why we developed a stringent sourcing policy that guides our decision-making process for every single ingredient we use.

In this blog post, we will explain why our ingredient selection is vital to our product development success and how we have meticulously sourced each ingredient to meet our high standards.


aloe vera ingredient

No-Confetti Policy

At OPTY.NC, we have a no-confetti policy when it comes to ingredient selection. This means that we include each ingredient at the dose required for actual and effective change, as demonstrated through rigorous human clinical trials. This approach ensures that our products provide the real health benefits that our customers expect and deserve. Our co-founder and nutri-cosmetic expert Cate Lilja plus a team of microbiologists and food scientists evaluate each ingredient comprehensively, from its safety and efficacy to how it would work in combination with other ingredients.


High-quality Ingredients

We understand that not all ingredients are created equal. For instance, our grape seed extract derivative undergoes a unique growing and extraction process to ensure its potency and efficacy. It has been sustainably farmed in carefully chosen geographical locations and goes through rigorous processing to create the extract that we use in our products. This process ensures that our grape seed extract is pure, potent, and proven to deliver a range of health benefits beyond what’s available in other products. 


red grapes and grapeseed


Another example is our turmeric extract. We worked hard to source the highest quality turmeric, which contains high levels of curcuminoids, the primary active compounds in turmeric that deliver the health benefits. Our sourcing policy for turmeric extract includes examining the growth environment, the natural soil, the rainfall levels, and other crucial factors that contribute to the quality and potency of our turmeric extract. As a result, we produce a high-quality turmeric extract that is exceptionally effective and free from toxins.

A full list of our ingredients and their benefits can be viewed on our ingredients page.


Ethical Sourcing Policy

We have meticulously sourced each and every one of our ingredients from around the globe to meet our high standards. This attention to detail includes choosing the right farms and growers, ensuring sustainable and ethical practices, and rigorously testing each ingredient to confirm its purity, potency, and efficacy. We also evaluate the extraction process used to create the ingredients to ensure that the end-product is truly effective and delivers the health benefits we promise.

Here is what this policy covers: 

OPTY.NC ethical sourcing policy
+ Efficacy + Safety + Quality Assurance, Stability and Product Performance + Environmental Sustainability + Supplier Assessment + Social Impact and Responsibility


To learn more about our approach to sourcing and the code of conduct we engage with our supplies please read here.


Ingredient Sourcing Map

Transparency is key when it comes to supply chain and ingredient sourcing, and at OPTY.NC it is paramount to openly communicate to our customers regarding these functions including a map showcasing where our ingredients come from. 

Global Ethical Sourcing Map


By displaying our sources on a map, one can quickly trace back the origin of the ingredients in their products, and feel confident in its quality and sustainability. The map also allows for a deeper understanding of the regions and farmers that contribute to the products we enjoy every day. OPTY.NC's commitment to transparency sets a positive example for the ingestible supplement industry, encouraging other companies to follow suit and prioritize ethical and traceable sourcing practices. 


The Bottom Line

At OPTY.NC, we understand that ingredient selection is the foundation of product development. That’s why we take it seriously and have developed a stringent ingredient sourcing policy that guides our decision-making process. With every product we create, we source each ingredient with care to ensure it meets our high standards of quality, purity, and efficacy. This commitment to ingredient excellence is our secret to success, and we will continue to innovate in sourcing and supplement development so that we can provide high-value wellness products to our customers for years to come.

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