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Your skin is like a mirror to your internal health.

– Cate Lilja, co-founder

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Ingestible Powdered Elixirs are multi-benefit combinations of our potent proprietary OptyBlends™. Each OptyBlend comprises a combination of natural active ingredients that work in synergy to support healthy skin, gut, hair and nails at every age and every stage.


Ingestible Probiotic Serums are bio-optimised with our proprietary fermentation process and supercharged to address underlying body imbalances to bring the skin and gut back into harmony, nourishing the nervous and immune systems that support healthy skin.


Optimised, multi-benefit wellness supplements that nourish and visibly improve your skin, gut, hair, and nails whilst boosting your immunity, energy and mood all from the inside out.


Expertly formulated liquid concentrates harness the gut-skin axis to support and nourish depleted, congested and stressed skin from the inside out.

OPTY.NC ingestible powder elixir
OPTY.NC ingestible probiotic serum
OPTY.NC complete wellness supplements
OPTY.NC skin specific products

Love that this is a combination of many inner wellness ingredients typically found in separate products.

Erin Norden @cleanbeautymarket

Great product. Meticulously formulated. Delicious & easy to take in so many ways. Love the fact that it covers my multi vitamin and collagen in the one supplement.​​​​​​​​

Erin Hawkin @nourished_eu

I really love this product. It dissolves easily in water, has a great nutrient profile and it tastes so good. Very easy to add into my daily routine.​​​​​​​​

Jeannie Jarnot @beautyheroes

Blown away with the results of this most delicious 4 in 1 collagen powder! Less bloating, healthy bowels and glowing skin. Where have you been all my life!

Derya Kucukali @organicinstinct

I started drinking it daily and my skin has been looking the best it has in years!

Cathy Tolpigin @thegreenedit_au

Wellness is my cup of tea. This Complete Skin Food Elixir is everything I look for when supplementing nutritionally for balance with my gut and skin health.

Melissa Lenberg @citrinebeautyaz

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