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Optimal Wellness from Inside Out

a wellness regime that’s easy to digest.

We are committed to creating a new ingestible beauty and wellness standard with optimised, multi-benefit formulations that nourish and visibly improve your skin, gut, hair, and nails from the inside out.

Backed by nutritional science, each powerful natural ingredient in our unique proprietary formulations is ethically sourced and incorporated in clinically-trialed proven dosages to ensure optimal efficacy.


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Optimal Ingredients

Ethically sourced and sustainably produced, our products contain the highest-quality, all natural, nutrient-dense food ingredients

Ingredient List

Optimal Formulas

These premium ingredients are incorporated into our formulations at clinically trialed dosages scientifically proven to be beneficial

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Ultimate 1.0
Skin Food Elixir

10g Marine Collagen + Pre and Probiotics + Antioxidants

Wellness is my cup of tea. This Complete Skin Food Elixir is everything I look for when supplementing nutritionally for balance with my gut and skin health.

Melissa Lenberg

Highly Recommend - Noticeable results within the first month - nails have gone from brittle and breaking to strong, dark circles under eyes are minimised, and skin is looking clear and dwey.


I started drinking it daily and it wasn’t long until I noticed that my skin had cleared up significantly as I had struggled with cystic acne on my chin for many yeas and I was getting fewer break outs and my skin has been looking the best it has in years!

Cathy Tolpigin

Blown away with the results of this most delicious 4 in 1 collagen powder! Less bloating, healthy bowels and glowing skin. Where have you been all my life!

Derya Kucukali

Love that this is a combination of many inner wellness ingredients typically found in separate products.

Erin Norden

Great product. Meticulously formulated. Delicious & easy to take in so many ways. Love the fact that it covers my multi vitamin and collagen in the one supplement.​​​​​​​​

Erin Hawkin

I really love this product. It dissolves easily in water, has a great nutrient profile and it tastes so good. Very easy to add into my daily routine.​​​​​​​​

Jeannie Jarnot
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Your skin is like a mirror
to your internal health.

The Gut - Skin Connection


We are committed to delivering you the most effective results in gut and skin health, all while complying with the highest standards of sustainable and ethical practices.

We only use clinically trialled, nutrient dense, natural ingredients incorporated in active proven dosages to maximise results.

Our goal is to simplify your skincare wellness regime by providing you with all in one, effective formulations. Our powerful synergistic blends provide a multitude of benefits to ensure optimal skin health results for you.

Optimal skin vitality comes from optimising your health from within. A well-functioning gut is integral to ensuring optimal skin health. Advances in nutritional science have shone a light on the complexity of the skin and the intricate interplay between it, and the rest of the body. Afterall it is the largest organ in our body, our first line of defence to the external environment, and the last place to receive nutrients. It’s no wonder our skin needs a little extra help.

To perform its most vital functions, our skin requires a constant supply of dietary antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and hydration delivered to its deepest layers. As our skin does not readily absorb nutrients through its outer layers, it must gather all these nutrients from within. This is where supplementation can support optimal skin health. Supplements are designed to ensure delivery of all these essential nutrients to the deepest layers of our skin.

It is important to understand, not all ingredients and formulations are created equal. The quality of the ingredients, how and where they are sourced and the dosages these ingredients are included within formulations all matters and will determine effectiveness and results.

When seeking the ideal supplement for you, look for brands that can prove they only use quality, clinically trialled, nutrient dense ingredients and incorporate these ingredients in their formulations at these active dosages. Look for options that reduce how many supplements you need to ingest a day for maximum results.

At OPTY.NC, we’ve done all this work for you.

Whilst there are many supplement brands available on the market, at OPTY.NC we are committed
to delivering you the most effective results in gut and skin health whilst simplifying your skin health regime. How do we do this?

- We develop all in one formulation – one product, with a multitude of benefits in one great tasting daily dose

- We address the underlying principle of skin health – nourishing the gut

- We only source natural, nutrient dense quality ingredients from suppliers who conduct clinical trials on these ingredients to measure their effectiveness

- We then take these ingredients and incorporate them into our formulations at these active dosages

As a result of all these factors, our award-winning formulations deliver results – optimal gut and skin health for you.

All the OPTY.NC formulations are proprietary blends formulated in our labs here in Australia.

We meticulously source our quality, nutrient dense ingredients from around the globe. We only work with ingredient suppliers that conduct clinical trials on their ingredients, to ensure quality, efficacy, safety and to maximise your results. Our supply partners comply with the highest standards of sustainable and ethical practices.