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Optimal Skin Vitality

Ultimate Skin Renewal Kit

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Optimise your treatments.  

For those who want to get the most out of their aesthetic treatments. The Ultimate Skin Renew Kit contains 3 powerful products that deeply nourish to give your skin all the support it needs to:

- Activate production of collagen elastic and hyaluron in the skin
- Soothe and support healing
- Restore skin barrier and hydration  
- Optimise your gut health and support the immune system

Contains: 1 pack Ultimate Skin Food Elixir, 1 bottle Moisture Surge probiotic serum, and 1 bottle Dermal Restore probiotic serums. 

    Ultimate 1.0 Ingredient & Nutrition Information Dermal Restore Ingredient & Nutrition Information Moisture Surge Ingredient & Nutrition Information