Great Skin,
Starts in the Gut

One simply can not exist without the other.

Clear, radiant skin starts with a healthy gut and microbiome.

The gut-skin connection

Our gut and our skin are in constant communication in a relationship known as the gut-skin axis.

To keep our body working in harmony messages are sent in response to external stimulus between our gut, our microbiome, and our skin to help regulate our immune, nervous and endocrine systems.

The healthy gut and microbiome

The gut and microbiome support the healthy functioning of every other cell in our body – including in our skin. The microbiome (that is, the 100 trillion organisms living on our skin and in our gut) is comprised of many species of microorganisms – mainly bacteria, some ‘good’ and some ‘bad’.

When we are healthy, our microbiome lives together in harmony and balance to support our overall health and wellbeing. 

The unhealthy gut and dysbiosis

Lifestyle factors such as a poor diet, lack of sleep, chronic stress, drugs, alcohol and some medications can disrupt the delicate balance of the microbiome.

This imbalance, or ‘dysbiosis’, can lead to poor digestion, inflammation, oxidative stress, poor nutrient absorption and toxin build-up.

Poor gut health on the inside reveals itself as poor skin health on the outside. This can lead to:

- Skin sensitivity and inflammatory skin conditions
- Acne, blemishes and breakouts
- Premature skin ageing and breakdown of collagen and elastin
- Skin barrier breakdown and skin dehydration
- Poor wound healing and post inflammatory pigmentation

In fact, research continues to highlight the link between a disrupted gut and skin conditions:

Balance your gut,
for optimised skin

Powerful pre and probiotics not only improve gut health but also directly improve skin health.
Customer Journey
Leonie's story

"As a sufferer of IBS, endo and adult-onset acne, the Ultimate elixir is a god-send. Ingestible collagen and probiotics are a staple in my routine but this high-quality product combines both of these plus additional skin and gut enhancing ingredients, making it an incredibly convenient option.

Since taking OPTY.NC daily, I have noticed much fewer breakouts and increased healing time of the skin. My skin is visibly more radiant, giving me the confidence to go make-up free most days now. I know this product will be a staple in my routine now, and I would recommend to anyone who is interested in improving their gut and skin health." 

Customer Journey
Amanda's Story

"Over the past few years my skin has become unstable - where I once had perfectly clear skin, I now get a few big, cystic spots each month. I'm left with post-acne hyperpigmentation that I've struggled to fade.

Since incorporating OPTY.NC into my daily routine, I've noticed the redness start to fade, less breakouts, and my skin feels plump and hydrated."


Ultimate contains our proprietary GutRenew OptyBlend™, a powerful and complete gut food containing ingredients cincially proven to improve git and skin health.

- Award-winning Livaux® Gold Kiwifruit prebiotic
- Bacillus coagulans probiotics
- Soothing Aloe vera inner leaf juice

Clinical studies show the powerful ingredients in the GutRenew OptyBlend™ improve digestion and gut health to combat bloating, indigestion and constipation.

In the skin they promote hydration, collagen production and increased elasticity, as well as combat skin sensitivity, congestion and breakouts.

Ultimate is a comprehensive supplement to support gut and skin health and provides all of the essentials you need.

If you have been prescribed a probiotic supplement by your health care practitioner to address a specific health concern we recommend you speak to them about your specific needs.