Our Pure, Potent and Proven Ingredients

Our Pure, Potent and Proven Ingredients

From the outset, we have always known that ingredient selection would be an integral part of our product development. Our collective experience in the wellness industry has resulted in a deep understanding of the innate and complex relationship between ingredients and efficacy. It’s never as simple as “what goes in the bag will go into your body”! 

This understanding led us to develop a strict sourcing policy that guides decisions on all of our ingredient selection. Here is what this policy covers: 


Optima ethical sourcing policy

Our Ethical Sourcing Policy

You can read more about the reasons behind why we pay so much attention to each of these pillars on our website here.

We have meticulously sourced each and every one of our ingredients from around the globe to ensure they meet our high standards – each one is pure, potent and proven.

Global Ethical Sourcing Map

Ingredient source map

We have a strict ‘no-confetti’ policy. What does this mean? Each ingredient is included at the dose required to make real, effective change as demonstrated through human clinical trials.  

We also know that not all ingredients are created equal. Take for example our grape seed extract, whose geographical growing location, sustainable farming practices and extraction processes all contribute to its unique and incredibly powerful attributes. 

The extract is produced in the Marlborough wine growing region around Blenheim on New Zealand’s South Island. Owing to the higher UV experienced in New Zealand, the grapes naturally produce higher amounts of their own ‘sunscreen chemicals’ – which are the polyphenols found in our grapeseed extract. They are far more potent than those available from other parts of the world. 

The grape seeds are a by-product of the sustainable wine growing industry, ensuring that sustainable farming and land practices are utilised to ensure ongoing management of the land and minimal use of fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. Within 12 hours of harvest the wine grapes are pressed and the seeds are ready for the extraction process. 

This process is a proprietary one using only water. The result is a broad-spectrum extract that closely resembles the naturally occurring profile of antioxidants in grape seeds. Many other extractions use ethanol and other solvents to select for only a small number of the active phytonutrients from the grape seeds – the result is the loss of many active phytonutrients which we know to be great for microcirculation and the skin.

Numerous grapeseed extracts have been compared and it has been shown that the antioxidant potential of the broad-spectrum water extract grapeseeds from New Zealand have much higher antioxidant activity. 


New Zealand grown grapeseed extract

Antioxidant activity of New Zealand grapeseed extract

Another example is our lycopene. Lycopene is the predominant carotenoid in tomatoes. Lycopene has been shown in numerous clinical trials to benefit the skin in a variety of ways. It acts as an antioxidant in the skin where it can provide protection from damaging free radicals that we come across every day in the from things such as UV and pollution. Lycopene may also strengthen the skin immune defences, improve skin texture and overall skin health. 

It was for this reason that we thought it so important to ensure we were able to deliver a potent daily serve of Lycopene in our Ultimate - Complete Skin Food Elixir™.  

Lycopene however, once extracted from tomato fruit flesh, is an oily substance that is sensitive to light, heat and moisture. In other words - not well suited to powdered applications. 

It is also well acknowledged that fatty carotenoids are not well absorbed across the digestive tract. So, enhancing bioavailability was another consideration to ensure we were able to deliver the lycopene into the blood stream. 

That’s when we called on Pharmako Biotechnologies, an innovative Australian start up with some amazing food-based delivery systems. What does that mean? Their delivery system is a blend of naturally occurring compounds that are used to not only encapsulate the lycopene to protect it from the elements whilst in powder form, but also help to ensure absorption across the wall of your gut when you ingest it – win-win!

So, how does it work? Your body’s natural mechanism for digesting fatty compounds is to create a sort of emulsion with pancreatic enzymes, wrapping the fat-soluble lycopene up in water soluble particles so that your gut wall can allow it to pass through. The problem with this is that your body has limits to how much it can facilitate this, so only 10 - 30% of the lycopene you consume through food might actually reach your blood stream. Pharmako’s unique technology creates an emulsion preparing the lycopene for optimal absorption once it reaches your gut.

Lycopene BioBlend with Aquacelle

 SkinProtect BioBlend Lycopene under a microscope

The final example is our food extracted vitamins. Studies have shown that vitamins consumed in their natural food-based formats are more bioavailable and more active in your body than their synthetic counterparts. There are two mechanisms at work here. One is that the other compounds present in food is thought to enhance the absorption once in the gut – essentially working together in a complex relationship, as nature intended. The other is that food-based nutrients can appear in different forms, some of which are more biologically active than others. Synthetic versions sometimes need to be converted into a biologically active form, whereas food-based nutrients are usually present in a form that our body can utilise immediately.  

Enough of the technical stuff for now! If you’d like to know more about each special hand-picked and meticulously sourced ingredient in our formulation, check The Evidence page for all of the details.

The bottom line: ingredient selection is paramount to ensuring product efficacy. It ensures bioavailability, safety, stability, product performance and best in market quality. These ingredients work together in a complimentary, complex formulation to deliver results. And the best news is we have done all the work, so you know that every serve of the Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ is doing exactly what is says it will on the label.  

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